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Confession time, I may have a slight obsession with beauty products.

In my defense though I live in the Mexican Caribbean aka one of the most humid places on earth! The sun here is also very strong and I’m always at the beach/ in the pool. 

Looking after my hair and skin is important to me so its something I research a lot, which is great for you because I’m going to share all of that knowledge with you guys in this section.



Looking for the perfect shampoo to take on vacation? Of maybe you need some more volume in your life? 

Whatever your hair drama is I’ve probably had it too. Click to read about my favorite hair products and learn my tips for keeping my hair in shape. 

Make up

I have a few super powers, one of them is making women look amazing in photos (see my posing guides here), and the other is getting my make-up to stay on my face in 104 degree weather.

In this section you will find make-up tutorials as well as all of my favorite tried and tested products.


I can’t be the only one that turned 30 and started becoming obsessed over my skin right?

Anyway, if you want to know my skincare secrets here you will find them!

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