The Best Sunscreen Products For Your Face

The Best Sunscreen Products For Your Face

Oh, how I wish I’d given more thoughts to my skincare when I was in my 20’s. But like so many girls Do you know any girl in her 20s who couldn’t care less about skincare? Well, that was also me. To be honest, sometimes I even would go out to parties and come home straight to bed because I was super tired. When I turned 28 and I started noticing some wrinkles and spots, I got so scared! So I decided to start looking for daily products to take better care of my skin and found these sunscreen products for your face.

The first thing I decided to get when I decided to pay more attention to my skin was a good sunscreen. I used to think this was only for the days you go to the beach. But I realized how important it is to wear this every day (yes, even during cloudy days). After trying a couple of brands, I found 2 that didn’t let my face white like a ghost and match better with my skin tone:


I have used this for a couple of years now and I like how it has a thick consistency that stays in your skin right away. They have the tint version with some color (I personally like this one better) and the one without. I normally choose the Matte version as well, but they have a couple of options available. This is 50+ SPF protection and it’s it’s also waterproof.


I found this sunscreen earlier this year. And it’s the one that I’m currently using as part of my daily routine in the mornings. With this sunscreen you also have the option of buying a tinted or untinted version. I bought the one for sensitive skin. The consistency is more liquid compared to the previous one so it feels like a bb cream or a primer. This is also  50+ SPF protection.

La Roche-Posay

I heard so many good things about this brand before. But I never had the chance to try any of their products. I bought their sunscreen and even though I didn’t find a tinted option. I still like the gel creme with a dry touch and this one has a really good smell as well but unfortunately, the fact that it is not tinted meant it didn’t go too well with my skin tone. But I would definitely recommend it for someone with lighter skin. This is also  50+ SPF protection and according to the description on the bag, this one is not waterproof.


I am pretty sure there are way more brands out there that are good. But these 3 are just a few of the ones I have tried for the last 4 years and that I have been repurchasing since then. As a reference, I have mixed skin, so depending on whether you have dry skin or oily skin, these face creams may have different. If you have more serious issues with your skin, I would recommend visiting a dermatologist to get the best sunscreen products for your face.

If you know any other sunscreen that you truly love, please let me know. I love trying new products all the time, especially if they are sunscreen products for your face!

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